How to Choose the Best Slots at Online Casinos


In online casinos, you can play thousands of different slots, and beginners often find it difficult to choose the right model. So, the Internet is full of various ratings, on the basis of which gamblers often choose a slot for their leisure. At CasinoChan and other similar platforms, you can play for free. This will not only allow you to try to play as many games to choose the best but also gives a chance to try to develop an individual strategy that suits the player best.

How to Choose the Right Slot

The best slots help millions of gamblers spend their free time and get an indescribable pleasure of gameplay and make quite real money.

It has become one of the perfect ways to relieve the stress of everyday life and relax from everyday problems. Thanks to online casinos, gamblers have the opportunity to get into the spirit of the real Las Vegas from the comfort of their own homes.

Few things can compare to playing the slots, because it is not just a game of chance but also the understanding that any next spin of the reels can make a millionaire of a man who can barely make ends meet. After all, the game on the slots is completely unpredictable. Sometimes you can put a little money on the line, and win a million! What’s more, you don’t even have to spend your own money to do this. Online casinos often offer free spins to their customers.

Choosing a slot is not an easy task. The reason for that is quite obvious – today there are thousands of different models.

To begin with, let’s deal with the generalized classification. All slots can be divided into classic models with three reels and video slots with five reels. Any slot machine with five reels boasts its own unique theme.

Some enjoy fairy tales, others like the search for Indiana Jones, others like space travel. Without exaggeration, there is a slot for every theme.

How Volatility and RTP Rating Affect Slots

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RTP (Return To Player) is one of the most important characteristics of a slot. This is the ratio of winnings, which during a long game session the player gets on a certain slot to the money spent on bets on this machine. For example, if RTP is 97%, then every $100 spent on bets will return $97 on average.

Although casinos often do not publish their return rates, you can find any information you want on the Internet.

An important parameter is the variance or volatility. This parameter can tell about how often the winnings will fall out on the machine, as well as how big they will be. If the volatility is low, the prizes fall out often, but their size is small. If the variance is high, you need to be patient and have a considerable amount in your account, because there will be a lot of spins without winnings. But the size of the prize will please anyone.

The dispersion index is a matter of personal taste, some people like to get small winnings often, while others prefer the chance to win larger amounts. With RTP the situation is different. In the top are machines with high returns, because they give more chances to win.

The only way to change the settings of the machine is to change the slot manufacturer, the casino has nothing to do with RTP. Of course, this is true in the case of reliable trusted institutions, and unlicensed unscrupulous clubs can influence the outcome of the game, “tweaking” indicators in their favor.

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