Sports predictions

Sports predictions

Since 2004, offering bettors quality predictions is the main mission of. Whether it’s on the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, the Champions League, the NBA or the TOP 14, our goal is to help beginners and those looking for inspiration. 

By seeking diversity in our predictions, we allow everyone to grow their sports betting strategy and maximize their chances of winning at the bookmakers. As you can see, ‘ mission is to accompany each bettor, through a team of specialists. Do not hesitate to consult our free sports predictions to succeed on the various online betting sites. 

What are the basics of a reliable sports prediction?

Sports betting

In order to be successful with your sports predictions, here are the main points that our editors advise you to work on: 

  • Favour pre-match bets.
  • Vary the types of bets.
  • Diversify the sports.
  • Do not favour small odds.
  • Limit combined bets.

By respecting these principles as often as possible, you will be sure to progress with the different online bookmakers. In any case, at, they are applied to the letter. We will come back to this below. 

Who writes the analyses on?

gathers experts from different backgrounds, sports lovers and very experienced in sports betting. This allows us to have a 100% professional editorial team, in order to offer you the best possible predictions. 

Obviously all passionate about sports, our forecasters are constantly working to improve in all areas, always with the aim of offering you the most valid predictions. By going further and further in their analysis of matches, statistics and results, tipsters guarantee you a constant help on any sport. 

Our team includes several football specialists (France, Europe, Latin America), an NBA expert and some experienced world rugby tipsters. It’s simple, you will always find an interesting prediction on. Always free, of course. 

Favouring pre-match bets

First of all, and this is very important for those who are new to sports betting, you should limit yourself to pre-match bets. They are safer and less likely to be rushed than live bets and will increase your chances of winning for sure. Remember that betting live can alter your thinking because of the adrenaline, and it’s often difficult to keep your cool. So get into the habit of analysing every sports prediction before you bet, and favour pre-match bets. 

Diversify sports

Sports bet

In the same spirit, it is also important to diversify the sports you bet on on sports betting sites. It is not only football or tennis, there are many disciplines on which nice odds can be tempted. With basketball and especially the NBA, but also Rugby and its biggest competitions, there is plenty of room for reliable predictions on a daily basis. So don’t venture into a sport you don’t master, but it would be ideal to have several trumps in your pocket. This will prevent you from getting stuck on a bad set of predictions.

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