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Without neglecting other sports, football predictions are our priority, and they represent a large part of the sports predictions offered on our site. We provide you with 100% free and reliable football predictions, for beginners as well as for experts in sports betting. Your football predictions will never be the same again! 

How to make a good football prediction?

Football predictions online

In order to make the most successful football predictions, our editors take into account different parameters around each match. Here, among many others, are some tips that we advise you to apply to obtain a reliable and successful football prediction on your sports betting site: 

  • Favour pre-match bets.
  • Vary the types of football predictions.
  • Do not favour small odds without reason.
  • Analyse the football match in depth.

To begin with (and this is especially important for those who are new to sports betting), most of the time you should favour betting before the matches. Obviously, betting live is very tempting, but it is also where you are most likely to lose your football bets. 

Secondly, you should try to diversify as much as possible when it comes to the types of football bets. The bookmakers offer you a huge amount of different types of bets nowadays, and you should not be deprived of them. 

With over-under bets, scorer bets, “both teams score” bets, “who will score first” bets or “half with the most goals” bets etc. you have a wide range of options to choose from, ideal for finding an interesting prediction for each match. It’s up to you to make the most of it, and to sniff out the good shots. It is in this sense that our football predictions are not limited to 1N2. 

Third advice, very important if you want to increase your winnings considerably: don’t put aside the big odds. Indeed, at first sight, they seem risky and you don’t even consider them. Many people prefer odds around 1.50, but this is a huge mistake to make. A quote above 2.00 can actually be just as safe as a quote of 1.30, you just have to analyse it properly. This analysis work is indeed very important, and it brings us to the last tip: don’t leave anything to chance. 

How is each football prediction analyzed?

Football predictions

Relies on the opinion of many football experts and experienced bettors. In order to offer bettors optimal success, our experts work daily on research and analysis of sports news, team and player statistics, results and additional information. 

All aspects are scrutinized, and nothing escapes our attention: suspended players, players out of form, major absentees, teams that do not win away from home, teams that have not beaten an opponent in 10 games, etc. Absolutely everything is scrutinised and analysed. For football predictions that are always closer to the truth. 

After having taken all these statistics into account, our football experts then analyse the odds and write the predictions. These predictions, which you can find above on this page, include the most important facts and stats of the match, as well as a summary of the surrounding context. All you have to do is read and then make your predictions in the books. This is also what the community appreciates. 

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