Online Roulette Tips and Methods

Online Roulette Tips

These methods and techniques of play can help to increase your chances of winning in the long run and especially to minimize your potential losses. The best thing is to know them in order to play the best way possible. We have listed the most popular roulette strategies, as well as the lesser-known ones, so that you can enjoy the most rewarding experience possible. With all these tips in mind and cards in hand, it is certain that playing roulette online takes on a whole new dimension and becomes much more interesting, and incidentally… more lucrative!

The PiqueMouche method

The Piquemouche Roulette method is largely inspired by the classic martingale. It is based on the same principle but is less dangerous because it has a slower progression than Hawk’s method.

The principle is to play each bet three times before doubling it.

Here are the main features: you start with a bet of X and if you lose you put X back. Only after three consecutive losses can you double your starting bet. This method is therefore slower, you will need more than one winning move as in the martingale to obtain a positive balance, but you are more in control of the game with this strategy.

So let’s take the example of a bet where X = 5 as the starting bet.

Here is the first step: you bet 5, then 5, then 5 again and you lose all three times. You have lost 15.

The fourth time you bet 10 and if you win you win 10 which leaves you 5 short after 4 moves.

This method is statistically efficient since after eight moves with five losses and three wins we finally won three times our starting bet which is important.

We can understand why this method is more advantageous and less dangerous than the classic martingale.

Indeed, here again it is not blocked by the casino which would prevent you from doubling your bet in a systematic way!

The martingale: the mathematical trap

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You will find martingale methods that are deployed in different strategies. The problem of a casino player is not to win once, but to win in the long run. Martingale is about doubling your bets while waiting to win. If you play $2 and lose, you play $4. If you win at odds of 2, you win 8 chips with a net profit of $2. This is a strategy that pays off. This theory is all the more harmful as it advises you to double your bets. It’s a vicious circle. So if you are infinitely rich, there is bound to be a time when you will win and make it back. We are not infinitely rich, so the martingale is a real trap. Never use it.

The Classic or Hawk Martingale

The hawk martingale is the most popular and easiest martingale to set up in online roulette. The aim of the hawk martingale is simple: if you win you don’t move your bet, if you lose you double your previous bet and so on, the aim being to land on a winning streak.

The extended martingale

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The so-called “extended martingale” has been a big hit with roulette players, but…

It is relatively simple, to use it you just have to play/bet on the squares of the numbers to make your winnings.

Be careful though, as you are playing on a square, i.e. 4 squares and the roulette wheel has 37 squares, the probability of falling on these 4 squares is lower than in the classic martingale where the probability is 18/37. This is also why it is called the extended martingale because it takes longer to play. So be patient with this martingale.

Let’s clarify again with an important warning: don’t abuse the same methods too ostentatiously – online casino wheels are equipped with robots that detect suspicious constant bets. Some of these software programs are programmed to confuse and change the course of the roulette – which means that the game is no longer truly random, which is why it is recommended to play online roulette only at reliable and licensed online casinos, such as the ones we present on this portal. Finally, to avoid coming across this kind of software, and for an even more exciting immersion, the “Live Roulette” option is still an excellent idea!

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