The Game of Video Poker

Video Poker

After the player has made his or her deposit, he or she must press the “Max Bet” or “Bet One Credit” buttons. You will then see the images of five cards appear on the screen. Once the player has seen his or her hand, he or she has two options – either keep the hand as it is or raise it by replacing one to five of the cards. In order to get new cards, the player simply has to select the cards he/she wishes to keep. In case he is playing on older video poker machines, in order to hold a card, the player must press the “Hold/Cancel” buttons located below the image of the specific card.

If playing on newer models of machines, in order to hold a card the player can either press the “Hold/Cancel” buttons, or touch the card image on the screen. After that, the player must press the “Deal/Draw” button and the machine will display his or her final hand. With the final hand shown on the screen, the game is over. In case this hand is a winner, the player will automatically be paid according to the paytable of this particular game. The stronger the hand, the larger the amount paid out.

Table Poker and Video Poker – comparison

Video Poker

Any table poker player who wants to enjoy his first experience at video poker should be aware that the two games differ from each other. A person who perceives video poker as a simple electronic version of table poker and makes decisions based on this idea will be in for an unpleasant surprise. However, a person who knows the unique characteristics of video poker has a greater potential to understand and successfully implement a particular video poker strategy. Let’s highlight the differences between the two games.

When playing table poker, one’s hand must be better than that of the other participants in the game. When it comes to video poker, however, the hand a player has must respect a particular winning combination on the paytable. In video poker, you are the only player, and the machine does not try to beat the hand you have.

When playing table poker, you usually try to boost your chances of success by bluffing, for example, or with the help of other psychological approaches. Since video poker is played on a machine, you may think that psychological tricks are useless.

But not least, sometimes a player may end up with a Royal Flush

Video Poker tips

This is actually a Straight Flush, where the cards are displayed on the screen in descending order (A, K, Q, J, 10) or ascending order (10, J, Q, K, A). Since such a combination is very rare, there are video poker games that may have additional jackpots for Royal Flushes. In the case of table poker, there is no such definition for a combination, because a player can always physically arrange the cards in his hand in sequential order.

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