What is a side bet in a casino?

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A side bet is an addition to the betting range of a game. Side bets add to the range of possibilities and add some excitement. The advantage of side bets is that they do not interfere with the normal flow of the game. You should be careful to choose a table that offers them, as they are not systematic. Online casinos use them to bring novelty and break the hum of a casino game. This way, they avoid boredom, but it is also a way to offer more interesting games than in brick and mortar casinos.

Side bets in poker

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In online casinos you can find most side bets, but they are much rarer in pokerooms. That’s why they are rather unknown to the players. They can sometimes be found on video poker machines in online casinos. However, before playing at a table, we recommend that you ask the live chat support which poker games offer the following side bets:

Side Pot

This option is only available on a table where one of the players is all-in, i.e. betting their entire pot. Slide pot allows players who are no longer in the game to raise a round of betting. Players who are all-in cannot participate. The slide pot is played according to the usual rules of the version of poker being played. It is a way of offering players who are waiting for the hand to end the opportunity to continue playing in parallel.

The flop colour in Hold’em poker

This side bet is only played in the Texas Hold’em version of poker. Players will bet on the flush they think will be the most represented on the flop. The flop is after the first round of betting when the dealer will reveal the first three cards. If only one player uses this option, they will play against the dealer. The player who chooses the most represented suit wins the bet. This is very similar to red and black in roulette. It is really taking poker into a casino mode where only luck will decide the winner. It is easy to see why this option is not available in online poker rooms, but only in some casinos and video poker rooms.

Side bets in blackjack

Blackjack is a classic casino game, and it can be found in many versions in online casinos. It is the table game with the most side betting possibilities. Here are two examples, because we could write a book if we wanted to present them all!

21 + 3

The 21 + 3 allows for an additional bet on a game of Blackjack. This is the concept of a side bet that is added to the main game without influencing it. This bet is a mixture of Blackjack and Three Card Poker. The player will bet on whoever has the best three card combination. He will use his two cards and the dealer’s face down card. Depending on the table, the bet can be multiplied by 100 depending on the combination found.



This is one of the most popular side bets for the general public, as it is one of the most popular strategies for maximizing your winnings in blackjack. It’s very simple, when the dealer shows an Ace on the face card, the player can take insurance and recover part of their bet if the dealer rolls a 21.

Side bets in roulette

These bets are best known to experienced players. It is true that roulette already offers a range of bets that are difficult for a beginner to grasp, so adding side bets will make the game more complex. And yet, they can be very lucrative.

The Lucky Ball

The betting area is located above the grid. There are four colours, which are often green, blue, orange and purple. In each round, the colours will be given a unique number. One of them will be chosen to be the bonus colour. Players who bet on the number and colour will win between 6 and 25 times the bet. For the player with the bonus colour number, the multiplier can be as high as 125!

Roll 8 or infinite dice

This is a rarer option that is only found in live casino games. Roul 8 is a dice game that accompanies roulette. These three dice are not ordinary: five of their sides are empty and only one is marked with the sign of infinity, a lying eight. As the roulette wheel spins, the dealer will shake the dice and throw them onto the carpet. For the roll to be valid, the ball must stop on the number 8 on the roulette wheel. Depending on the combination of the dice, a win multiplier will be awarded to the lucky player. Obviously, if the player has bet on a triple 8 and is lucky enough to see the ball land on the 8, his bet will be multiplied by 888! It’s a rare occurrence!

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